Bent Radiator.

Well I have a crf450 and crashed and bent my left rad. Its more compressed in towards the frame then anything. The little fin things are only bent a bit on the bottom left near the frame. And where the rad is flush up against shroud theres a 1/4 in. gap. Should I be worried abou t th is?

Big thing here is leaks, to you see any signs of leakage. wet along the radiator, check to make sure your water level is up. Check it often. Now it's not summer here in Colorado so that will help. Don't worry too much about the little fins it is the large tubes that are important are any of those crushed enough to restrict flow. Ride easy, do short laps see how it does. PS where you ride I'll be at imi tomorrow blue ford & two 450 ktm's

It happened last Saturday during practice and I went to do both my motos, and today I rode and coolant level is perfect. Im not racing this weekend, but will be at Aztec. Thanks for the help.

I sent two there, fast turn around and a good price.

I got a package from Unabiker today. Gold anodized rad braces for my RMZ. I opened them up and WOW. They appear to be very strong, rugged and look cool as heck. I will install tomorrow and hopefully avoid this kind of post. I have heard some good things about rad repair. You might check for a used set also or maybe just fund the one you need.

If there is no leak, you are all good. Just check for signs of overheating in case the water flow is restricted a lot.

i like aztec, only problem is i live in loveland. the rad braces work good, wish they would come stock on the bikes. Check that water level and the water temp. make sure it ain't letting the engine get hot just ride short stints for awhile.

My kids 125sx was twisted like a pretzel for over a year, bent like close to 1 1/4" and it worked fine. (he fell at aztec bike landed on his toe, bent radiator and broke toe)

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