DR350 cutting out at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle

My 91 DR350 is cutting out and popping at mid range under no load or load. It starts and idles fine, I just did the air box mod, stock muffler mod, and jetting mod per jesse at Kientech. The bike also did this as stock. Will a bad plug or coil cause this or any other ideas?

Thanks, Steve

Popping and cutting out usually signals a lean condition. So it sounds to me like it has either a clogged pilot jet, wrong size pilot jet or fuel screw out of adjustment (could have lost the tiny o-ring on it). Check those few things first before digging into the electrical system. It wouldnt hurt to replace the plug too. One other thing to check would be the valve clearances. A tight valve will also cause similar symptoms. Check these things and let me know how ya make out with it.

Yes Steve a coil can cause this symptom as well as the plug wire itself.

or a crack in the diaphram of the CV carbed model.


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