Cheap 18" wheel for 02-07 CR250

Does anyone know if the eariler year Hondas ie. late '80's to early 90's Crs which used 18" wheels will fit the later bikes.

Anyone bought a cheap aftermarket wheel they were happy with?

the 18" rear wheel from an 1991 CR250 "will" fit... you need to run the bigger rear disc, as well you need to replace the rear wheel bearings with the larger inside diameter ones from a newer bike (97+) and that also mean you need the center spacer for inside the hub, and the axle seals.... but it will work with some minor parts changing

I had a 1999 cr125 rear wheel that I wanted to mount up to my 2003 crf450. I could get the bearings and spacers to fit up as gmbond said, but I had a problem with the seals. The older seals wouldnt work and neither would the newer. Cant remember the specifics, but I couldnt get it to work without going with out seals.

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