Erratic Idle

My 08 klx was running just fine. Loaded it in the truck and took it to the track just to ride around the pits and it didn't want to stay running. I had to constantly turn up the idle and as the day went on I had turn it back down. The idle would sometimes surge up an down. It has the PC T-4 PIPE and I did rejet and put the TB pod filter on the bike. Any suggestions where I should start looking?

Did the idle problem start when you jetted and installed the pipe or did it happen after?

If it happened when you jetted and installed the pipe I would check of an air leak from the carb to the intake. Make sure the rubber washers are seated right. Also check the crush washer for the exhaust pipe.

If it was running good after the jets and pipe and just started with the idle, I would check the pilot jet. My son's bike had that problem last weekend and I pulled the carb at the track and the holes in the pilot jet were clogged. I used a small sewing needle and some carb cleaner to clear it out and it started and idled perfect.

Thanks for the info. I'll check the pilot jet later today.

Bike is running great again. Thanks:thumbsup:

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