40 tooth rear sprocket?

Does anybody know where I could get a 39 or 40 tooth rear sprocket for a klr650?

I have a KLX250s and read somewhere that a klr650 rear sprocket will fit it.

I don't think you're going to find one. The smallest I've seen for a KLR is a 42.

I've got a 36 on mine. When I get home I'll see if I can find the receipt. I've had it for a while and don't remember off the top of my head where I got it.

Finally found the receipt - I got it from Sprocket Specialists. If you go with the Aluminum rear, they'll make you any size between a 36 and a 74. You can also pick colors and finishes, too. Super easy to deal with. Sprocket has been on there for a couple years now. Now my little motard loves the freeway :thumbsup:

Tygern8r, Thank You!

so what is your top end speed now?

so what is your top end speed now?

I don't know, with my 275 lbs on a KLR650, I'd need a steep hill and a good tail wind to find my top speed. The reason I went with a 36T was because my KLRmotard is purely for commuting, and most of the ride was on the freeway. I just wanted to get my RPMs down while I was cruising with traffic that was doing around 70 mph. We have since moved offices, and now I don't get on the freeway at all, so I couldn't tell you what she does on the freeway. I seem to remember that doing 70 (don't forget, the speedo never reads correctly anyway) the tach was hanging around 2500? Just a guess. If it's really important to you, I'll take her out on the freeway and get some info for you.

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