UNABIKER radiator guards!!! Black Beast KLX!

Check it out, check it out! Just finished installing my UNABIKER rad guards. They look awesome and they fit perfect. Another super sweet mod to the BLACK BEAST! I posted some pics of the stock guards and then the UNABIKER guards. Enjoy!

STOCK....... :ride:



UNABIKER RAD GUARDS....... :thumbsup:





Thanks for taking a look.


Lookin good :thumbsup:

Very nice.

Now the cool part....next time ya go riding, listen for the all the little "tings and tangs" when things hit it. I'm always amazed at how much 'music' I hear coming from the guards and the skidplate. Glad I got em :thumbsup:

My favorite part is when you pull your bike up after a spill and the unibikers have not moved a bit!

Mine are not black, but I like them just the same! Nice pix!


I'm running the same ones, I have taken a few HARD spills and the rads are straight as an arrow still. :thumbsup:


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