Bill Blue 331 Kit

Well I only have 2 miles on the Bill Blue Big bore kit and all I can say I is Holy Sh*t!

1. The quality of his work is Fantastic.

2. The power change is unbelievable.:thumbsup:

I believe If Kawasaki built this bike with a pumper carb- and a 331 bore they could double there sales.

Pulling away from my house the front wheel was coming up in 1st-2nd and 3rd gear!

Its one of the best mods I have made in the power department!!!

Stop waiting and do it. you will be glad you did.

yeah Bill's 331 is grouse, isn't it :thumbsup:

Hey Dave,

Do you have Bill's pumper carb (33-8012 rebored to a 34mm) along with his big bore kit? If so what jetting did you put in the carb?

Thanks Dennis

I think he's running a FCR35.

I think he's running a FCR35.


The only way to fly.......


I pickup up a FCR 35 from Jerry- Did the taffy mod- Zero bog run great.

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