New MX track TN-GA State line

Hey guys, my uncle and I are talking with the owner of Chattanoogas new MX trying to show him how big pitbike racing is and trying to show him he could have good turnouts if he gives us a shot. Since we dont really have any close MX tracks, we figured this would be something to try for since he is just getting the track going.

If you've got some time to go over to his website and register on the forum and post up that you'd be up for it, we can give him an idea of how many people would be up for it...

Here's a link to a thread I started on the tracks forum for everyone that would be interested in it to post up...

If you dont feel like registering on the forum to post up, please just shoot him an email telling him you'd be up for some pitbike practice/races. Here's his email :

And the main site is

Thanks guys, now get to posting if your in the area so we can have somewhere else to practice/race...:thumbsup:

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