Crash hard yet? It's not if, but when

Don't want to sound doom and gloom but most of us can probably tell some pretty horrific stories of their crash or a buddies crash. If not, do a quick search on YouTube and you will cringe. I could share a few of my own experiences but will spare you the pain (pun intended).

I'm becoming more and more convinced that us iron horse riders should be wearing every piece of protective equipment when feasible.

Expensive yes. Uncomfortable yes. Inconvenient yes. No argument here. But it's probably a matter of time before we go down not so gingerly. I absolutely love riding motorbikes (mostly off-road), just wish our sport was more friendly to the human body.

I'm not looking to begin a question/answer thread here but rather just want to encourage riders to not ride commando style!

Say a prayer, armor up, stay in shape and ride within your means!:thumbsup:

Dress for the crash it is going to happen. I agree with your idea, those sky ground sky ground episodes suck.

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