riding pictures

well it was almost dark so all i got was jump pics... just tryin to do some whipper tails






sorry about the blurriness like i said it was getting dark and dusty

Nice man where were you ridin?

It's a friends track. It goes through woods.. it isn't done yet but it will be over 2 miles long when it is done. It's going to be great once the leaves get on the trees, then the dirt will hold moisture really well. Plus shade!

were you guys at in KY???

nice whips , and looks to be the start of a very nice track.

Dang that sounds nice! :thumbsup:

were you guys at in KY???

Im in the north end of Metcalfe county. Im about a half hour from ballance moto-x, and if I remember right I think KYMXRacer is from campbellsville..did I spell that right?....:thumbsup: But im about a half hour from him too. Its south central kentucky

Awesome pictures.

trying to do whips?!!?

more like succeeding, those are sikk!


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