08 wr, just checked valves, few ?'s

I just did my first valve check on my 08 WR 250 last night. Everything went pretty well considering it being my first time doing a valve check. Anyway I had a few questions.

First, I was not able to check the middle intake valve. Do you guys just trim the feeler gauge a little bit? I was using my buddy's feeler gauge's so I did not want to cut them, but I was not able to fit it in there. The 4 other valves were in spec so I just assumed the 5th valve would be in spec as well.

Second. On this write up on how to check valves on an 06 YZ 250 (http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=564726) the writer says there should be 12 pins of the cam chain in between the 2 punch marks on the 2 gears. (see pic here) attachment.php?attachmentid=2142&d=1169759071

but on my WR I counted 13 when the piston was at TDC. Did I do it wrong or is the timing retarded on the WR by 1 pin of the cam chain?

Hope that second one makes sense. Thanks


yep, wr rides the short bus. Not sure about the center intake valve. Some tool companies, such as snap-on, make narrow feelers, but i'm not sure who else does. Try Sears, they should have something.

I think the wr will have 13 pins and the yz will have 12 pins. As long as all the marks line up it shouldn't matter whether it's 12 or 13 pins between marks.

can you some how change to 12 pins on the wr for some improvement?

You can but only on the bikes without the auto decompression. So 2001-2002 bikes. You could probably put a YZF exhaust cam in it. It explains it here. http://www.thumperfaq.com/yz_timing.htm

has anyone else found it hard to measure the middle intake valve clearance?

and looking at your photo... I count 12.:thumbsup:

That picture I stole from the guys write up for a valve check on a YZ 250. I didn't take a picture of my WR when I did my valve check. I was just using it as a reference pic.


Tim, the WR's exhaust is advanced 1 tooth for, i believe, a better bottom end lugging ability.

the auto decomp will turn on way to early if you retard it to YZF spec for High Speed Torque(high RPM)

you can get a YZF cam, or hotcams if you want the top end power. I have the above mention and pictured feeler gauges, and WHOA, they are awesome and really super convenient.

don't count pins, just line up your marks as the manual says and you will be fine. counting pins IMO is a waste of time

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