UNABIKER radiator guards.... black Beast KLX.

Check it out.... Just got done putting on some new radiator guards. I know you guys have seen the adds here for UNABIKER. The product is super sweet, fit perfect and built very srong. Check out the pics of stock compared to the UNABIKER guards.

STOCK...... :ride:



UNABIKER rad guards...... :thumbsup:





Thanks for looking....



looks good man

where did you get those graphics? those look so sick on the kxf's

GRAPHICS ARE FROM ONE INDUSTRIES.... i had to wait like 4 months for anyone to have them in stock for my green machine! The kit is called black camo.

Ive been wanting that graphics kit since it came out, but never could get the money. :thumbsup:

They look cool but the vents seem like they would let in all kinds of sticks and small rocks. Not to mention mud sticking to them.

Mud will stick to any rad guard. Uni's are the best. I had them for 4 years on my honda and now have a set of gold on my 08 yami yz250f. The black really good.

Very nice, I went with the blue on my 05 WR250F.



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