How do I rebuild my forks?

Hi folks. I have an '87 XL250 that I just got. It is in dire need of a front fork rebuild, as the front end is so soft/mushy that its practically unridable. My question is, what parts do I need to rebuild and how do I go about it? I am no noob to bikes and I have rebuilt several, I just have never opened the forks on any bike, ever. I assume I need seals. Can I just get new seals, re-oil and close them back up? The bike has been stripped of all lights/ street legal bits and it runs like a raped ape. Surely a lot lighter than my 650L.

Are the seals leaking? You can drain the oil and put in new oil.

Pull the forks, drain the oil, put in new oil.

Some of the older XR's have an oil bleeder screw on the bottom of the forks.

You really should get a manual. I have the Honda shop manual for a couple of bikes and the Clymer for other bikes.

You need to know the torque values for the triple clamp pinch bolts and the axle nuts or you'll be stripping them out.

i tried to just switch out my seals on my bike, its a 1986 xr250r. im pretty sure they're the same or at least really close. deffinatly get a manual and all i know is there is a special tool to remove your forks unless you wanna just change the springs in the forks then thats simple.

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