Soaring Edge 4/27 Quad Only race

Hey guys - (

If you're interested, they need flaggers for this event. From what I understand (and I'll get more details) they pay $30 or $40 for flagging...OR...reimburse you in free track time. Again, not sure what the details are, but I got a call from the brother of the dude who used to manage the place. This guy still goes and is still involved so he's sorta "in the know."

I should be getting more details soon. Will post. I plan on flagging. If they pay $30 or $40, then I would imagine that would translate into, at least, two to four FREE passes for practice.

I know they're quads, but I'm in it for the sessions. Flagging is easy (especially when it's quads.) Only real downfall is it can tend to get pretty dusty with those 4-wheeled rolling trash compacters.

Anyway, think about it....

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