Cheap bike

Does any body know of a desent brand of bike that retails for around $700 dollars? I really want a pit bike but I need a cheap one but want a brand that has a pretty good quality, not junk! If anyone can, please help me and leave a LINK!

Thanks, Tom:confused:

well how about this, can you look for a bike that is aroung $700 to $800, or are all the ssr bike good?

what I am trying to say is, are the ssr bike that are around my price any good?

I think I shoul go with the race series bike, the first one, what do you think?

The SBA is a really decent bike, but xtpowersports has a horrendous reputation for customer service. I would see if SGR-USA or Outlawpowersports or tboltusa will come close to that price. If you have a problem with the bike, xtpowersports will not be there for you.

I would try sending out some emails to the different shops with good reputations and see if they can help. Maybe a used bike they've been using in the shop or maybe they have some ideas. These guys are will bend over backwords to help you out. The shops I'm talking about post on this forum, SGR is one.

Save up and buy the ssr sb-a. Looks like alot better bike for the money.

Save up and buy the ssr sb-a. Looks like alot better bike for the money.

Honestly, this is the best advice you'll get. To be sure, if you can't afford a decent bike, don't think that you won't spend more in the long run on a cheapie. Dirt biking of any kind will require money for maintenance, safety equipment, etc. To expect a new bike for $700 that will be sturdy might be expecting a bit too much. And saving a couple of bucks by buying from a vendor like XT is rolling the dice. The liklihood is that at some point you will need dealer support, that is why buying from someone like SGR-USA is worth a few bucks more if need be.

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