rm 125 cylinder

sorry for so many questions guys buti was wondering if you can bore out a rm 125 cylinder or does it have a special coating? i was just wondering because i plan on getting a wiseco flat top piston and a phathead cylinder head. also how come i can not find a wiseco over bore piston for this bike?

when you bore most modern cylinders they need re-plating.

also, for the big bore, they need to be ported otherwise they dont run well.

you can run a non nicka-sil coated iron sleeve........if you want your bike to go back 30 years in technology, contact eric gorr he has good prices on big-bore suzukis, it may end up being more worth it to you to go that route rather than trying to piece your own big-bore kit together

im not trying to build a big bore. i was just wondering if i can bore my cylinder out to a .20 like i did when i rebuilt my yamaha blaster or do i have to send it to a special shop?

it can be done, it just won't have the nicka-sil coating which helps transfer heat, and adds longevity.

or you can bore it and send it out to be re-plated

the choice is yours

ya i will just have bored than replated

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