the BBR fork spring upgrade

are they really that much better?? btw i have an 05 drz125 sm and i weigh 165 way too much for the bike foresure. i just wanna upgrade the suspension without spendin loads of money. i wanna save up an buy a cr250. also can someone explain how to install the bbr springs and adding spacers in to make it less of a chance of bottoming out

All you have to do is take off the fork caps on the top of the forks...pull out the stock fork springs, and put in the new ones...and screw back on the forks careful when you take off the caps, as the springs will be under pressure. And when you put back on the fork caps be careful, as it is easy to cross thread them...

and....make sure you put the bike on a stand with the front tire off the ground....



ps...and yes the bbr springs are much better than stock, especially since you weigh over 160lbs...

The BBR fork springs are one of the best "bang for your buck" mods you can do.Motor mods won't help if you don't fix the perpetual fender kiss, rough ride and the poor handling you get with the stock springs.

I found the BBR springs a HUGE improvement and they were actually better than the RM85 front end set up until I upgraded to super stiff RM85 springs.

I will be selling the BBR springs and BBR Gold Triple clamp with oversize bar clamps. If anyone interested drop me a PM with a bid for either or both.

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