drz 125 bbr fork springs

need some help on installing new fork springs. like do i just take to bolt out and take the spring out and put the bbr one in or...........

exactly pull top cap pull spring and then drop the new one in and put the cap back on. if your forks have a lot of hours i would pull them off and drain them and put new fluid in also.

basically i bottom out alot so what wieght should i put in there also how high should i fill the oil to and what brand of oil is the best

im not sure stock weight probably 5, you can go a little heavier if you feel you need it and maybe a little bit more then stock. i wouldnt do both at once either stock weight with more oil first or heavier oil at stock height then add some if needed still, unless you know you really need to stiffen it up alot. i haven't done the bbr springs on the drz but ive put them on my buddies crf 100 and they made a huge difference in stiffness. hope this makes some sense and helps

Carlos 752

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