Higher Gearing??

I was out riding in the desert today on my WR400 and I was constantly pegged out in 5th on a lot of the two track twisty roads.

Has anyone tried gearing there WR's up a little bit? Did it make it lose all it's bottom end grunt?

Maybe I'm just too used to my old 89 KX500 I used to ride out there in the desert all the time.

I need more top end speed...any ideas??

P.S., I think a lot of the reason I felt I wasnt going as fast is that this was the first time i ever rode out in the desrt with a Scott steering damper on the bike.

Maybe it made it so stable I was actually going faster than it felt. Is this possible or am I just getting too used to the power of this scoot??

Vincent for the type of riding you describe, you can easily go one more tooth on the front sprocket. First gear is still quite usable, in fact more so with this setup. An inexpensive gearing upgrade to boot!


I ran stock front and 44 rear with good results for higher speeds. Bike would cruise at 65 without feeling like it was wound-out. Above 80mph it felt like I was pushing the motor if I held that speed for any length of time..

I ran 15/48 most of the time on my 99. That combination was good for 99mph on the GPS. I felt that this was perfect gearing as when going full speed it could not quite hit the rev limiter. First gear was fine especially if you ride desert like places. Oh BTW that 99mph was on pavement on a loose gravel road the most I could muster was around 90 due to tire slippage.

Thanks for the advice guys. I'll give some taller gearing a try. Im glad to know that the scoot will pull it ok.

I didnt want to have to resort to going back to a KX500 again. I love thumpers first and foremost :)

I bought mine with 16/45 and did the first yearwith this gering in trails. Now I am at 15/45 and really happy with it. I use it for dual purpose and the bike can cruise at 75 mph easily. Top speed is around 100 mph. I have no low speed problem and the front wheel lift up agressively in second gear.

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