Help! ticking and only runs for a few seconds

To start with, this bike had this problem when it arrived. It wants to start but fires a couple times with a ticking sound then dies. Seeing as it had not had any engine maintenence in quite a while i freshened up the topend. At diassembly the timing chain was really stiff. I replced the usual topend parts and also the timing chain and tensioner. There were some metal fragmets on the pick up in the ignition cover but nothing really huge and distracting.

But after all this it still does the same thing. Has anyone run into this before? And/or have any idea as to what it may be. Any help would be great.

Did you release the cam chain tensioner when you re-installed it?

Are you sure the piston isn't in backwards? Re-check your timing also. If it's off, the cam chain may be off the lower sprocket.

I installed a new tensioner, checked the timing several times and am sure the piston is in correctly. Wish i had a good answer for this.

But did you release the tension when you installed it?

Yes it was released. New tensioners come with a key in them and when its pulled it is then released.

after checking valve clearances, check decompressor out thoroughly, my guess its got something to do with it.

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