Gaerne Fastback

Just curious if anybody has anybody has tried or owns a pair, or any info on them. Comfort, wear, etc.?

I tried on the SG10 and were super comfy, but the price! Been lookin at the Fastbacks really like the looks of them.

I have the fastbacks great boot, I like them more than my tech 8's, and no break-in!!!!!!

Gaerne makes great boots in Italy. Even their $200 entry level boots are better than most others top of the line stuff.

Excellent boot. I used to go through 2 pair of tech8s in one season. The fastbacks are one season old and it looks like I just might make it through two. They are also 70-80 dollars less than tech8s.

Do they come in Kawasaki Green? Or does anyone know where to find the Green SG10s?

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