2002 DRZ, anything bad I should look for???

I've sold my Honda and coming back over to Suzuki after a 10 year sobbatical. I had a '91 DR and it was the best bike I've ever owned, put approximately 40k before selling out. Now I'm back in the market and I'm looking at an '02 DRZ 400 with less than 6k miles. I don't know what the differences are from year to year so maybe somebody here can just give me a little friendly advice on what could be a problem. I'm a 220 lb fairly aggressive rider, I'm getting old though so I don't hammer like I used to. Loved my BRP but it was just that, a little too B&P. I want something lighter and a little faster. Any thoughts??

Xrltim (soon to maybe be drztim.:thumbsup:)

i bought a used 02 also. Check the countershaft sprocket for tightness and make sure that the shaft is undamamged. They have come loose on some. After you bring it home just make sure that you do the counter shaft loctite fix, the auto cam chain tensioner swap for the manual and the primary gear check / fix. I did everything but the primary gear and that is the one that ended up killing my motor. All this stuff only takes an afternoon at most and less than $100, but could potentially save you a lot of greif and $$$.

other than that enjoy the bike and welcome!

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