DR mark sanders: knee problem. urgent help!

hey doc! and fellow riders,

on the easter long weekend i had a pretty harsh crash at my local track.

easter being about 4 weeks ago now.

i was wearing asterisk knee braces.

and got up straight after my accident and thought my knee was just spraigned.

so just waddled around for a bit.. that night it was not so bad.

but the next day was intense.

could barely limp...

it has now since gotten so much better.

but still seems to be pretty sore when i hyper extend it ( straighten it and try to go pastt the straight degree) and also if i pull on it backwards and try to stretch it.

sometimes while on my feet it may give up.

but very very rarely!

i can aslo feel that it is very tender when i would try to rotate on my knee.. it will get really painful..

although this also sometimes may happen on my left knee which has pretty much never had an injury!

another problem i have is when i try to tense the quad muscle in my right leg it will not tense as hard or tough as my left knee which has not been in an accident before!

wats the go??

im seeing a knee surgeon on may the 5th but until then i wanna know whats the go with all this.

any ideas??

what are you thinkin?


if anyone else has any info or questions..

feel free to ask.


I would at least go get it checked out to be on the safe side. You could have torn the acl like me. I tore mine completly into along with the mcl and a tear in the mensicus. It has been a month now since it happed and mine feels alright now all but a little pain when I bend it all the way back. Mine felt the same as your did when I woke up the next mornibg(could barely limp) But as time went on it improved,I can even run on it now(ran 5 miles the other day). Iam not saying you tore yours into but it is possible you might have torn the acl a little or have a tear in the mensicus. Just wait untill Dr.Sanders gets on and he can give you a little input on what it might be.

hey captain!

yeh man thanks alot for the reply.

i can do a light jog on it and that but it feels as though its not very solid!

iv been off for 4 weeks not knowing wats the go.

iv visited the physios and theyve said theirs nothing wrong with it.

but those clowns bend ur leg a few times and think they know wats goin on.

visited the gp's and they reckon its just sevier spraigns!

iv booked a orthopedic knee surgeon for may the 5th to get a MRI scan on it.

also gonaa try get a 2nd input into it earlier to see weather i can start some cycle training on it and etc.

i been doin a huge amount of swimming since it happened! and i do alot of walking in the water aswell.

its pretty good now but i know its not RITE!

ill wait for the doc see what he says.

it does not produce any pain when doctors and physios push on all the different parts of my knee at all.

now when i hyper extend it it does not put out much pain either nemore.

its more the when i pull back on it and stretch it backways.

feels like theirs a peice of nerve or something rite in the centre of the knee producing a heap of pain!

dad reckons its from the inflamation in the knee.!

but both my knees are pretty much identical at the moment.

the injured ones not very swollen at all.


im very impatient about finding out wats goin on lol.

thanks again man!

oh yeh! and iv been on some non-steroidic inflamatory pills since about wednesday and they kind of seem to be helping.

(been a few days now)

got about 6 left.

i have one a day so ill see how i feel after they finish!.

apparently the pain goes away after i finish this course and i have no problems with it nemore. it was just an inflamation problem!

fingures crossed its just that ay.

first, get an X-ray.

rito doc! ill get one asap this week before i get an m.r.i!

i had a lap on a 450 today around my track just slowly to see how it reacts and etc. the back end nearly washed out in a corner and i planted my foot to save it from goin.. it gave a pretty sore pain for about a minute or 2.. then it settled and i could go on again.

but yeh ill get some xrays asap.

any ideas of what it could be???

What happened in your crash? Did your knee twist or did you land on it? Any bad noises other than blood curdling scream when you did it or since the crash?

Hope it isn't too bad and that it heals well!

hey doc xrays turned out as nothing abnormal and everything was perfect!

um nah no noises really.

and when i stack i really had no idea weather it twisted or bent or wateva.

pretty sure it was a bad ass bend lol.

iv seent he specialist and goin for an m.r.i on thursday.. then seeing him again next tuesday!

he thinks its either my miniscus or top leg bone cartlidge??

have no idea.

and whats gonna need to be done if it is.

and how long until im back on the bike.

ill find it all out nxt tuesday.

agonising wait until then haha.

lets wait for the MRI report before freaking out.

my surgeon has the mri report!

but he gave me a call and told me id be lookin at a cruciat reconstruction!

im goin back on tuesday to get one last analysis before i sort out the time for the actual opp!

unfortunately he told me id be looking at no bike riding for 6-12 months which is pretty devostating!

but then again hes the boss and knows whats goin on. not me haha.

how long does it usually take ur patients to cure after a cruciat reconstruction?

apparently the ligament is busted!??

i was close to tears when he explain 6-12 months.


It all depends on the skill of the surgeon. Most of our guys are now riding in two months. It used to be three but no one seems to be listening to me, so maybe I have been too conservative.

The way they do it down under, it takes about one year with the hamstring repairs.

well doc wat am i to do?

comming to america and gettin an opp done their is way out of my league. i mean i could do it but its a really big expense that would be very hard for me..

is their soemthing i can suggest to my surgeon on your behalf to help speedin it up.

or wats the go?

because i dont think i can mentally take 6 - 12 months not riding then commin back to race the australian series??

can u help me at all??



When a guy tells some doc to do it a way he isn't comfortable with, and the doc attempts it, tragedy usually follows.

If you want to be back before three months, you need to come either to Houston or Indianapolos.

There a a couple of Austrailian pubs out here. Lots of good brew and good fun.


heres my m.r.i report!

FINDINGS: their is a full thickness proximal sabacute anterior cruciate ligament tear! the posterior cruciate ligament is intact.

on the lateral side their is no lateral meniscal tear. morphology of the lateral meniscus is somewhat prominent. the superior and inferior fasciculi have been torn and are slightly remodelled. the lateral compartment cartilage is maintained.their are bone contusions at the lateral tibial plateau posteriorly and the femoral sondyle of the sulcus terminalis without defined fracture line. bone contusion also involves the fibular head.

on the medial side, the medial meniscus is intact. their has been a tear of the menisco-capsular junction at the posterior horn focally. their is a small amount of fluid in the tibial collateral bursa. minor marrow oedema over the far posterior outer medial femoral condyle is noted.

the extensor mechanism is preserved. patello-femoral cartilage is maintained.

their is a small amount of joint fluid and minor synovitis. debris is noted in the anterior intercondyler fossa. their is also mild oedema in hoffa's fat pad.


You need an ACL reconstruction, done like all the other guys. Opposite patella tendon graft, accelerated rehab, riding by three months.


my doc told me 9-12 months no riding.

listen doc can u please pm me a rough quote of ur total cost of the opp doing it with you?

kind regards,


The drive out cost, inclusive of all medical services is $15,500


my doc told me 9-12 months no riding.

listen doc can u please pm me a rough quote of ur total cost of the opp doing it with you?

kind regards,


Dude!!.....if you have any healthcare insurence at all that will help cover the the cost of the op,>>>>all you will have to do is come up with some money for the plane trip over there and the stay for a week. If you have insurence check and see if the hospital in pasdena tx will cover the travel expense. You will be so glad if you get Dr.Sanders to do it. I had him.... to do mine this past friday and Iam just four days after post op and am doing great:applause: . Dr.Mark done a extraordinary job:thumbsup: ,I mean it was unbelieveable,.....if by any means try to get over here to have him do it,cause it will be well worth the trip ten fold:thumbsup:

There are Aussie surgeons who will do a patella graft (although not sure if they use the opposite knee), plus physio rehab. I do not know if its accel like Dr Marks PH (doubt as recco times are 5 months).

It may still be worth chatting to them.

Dr Neil Bergman in Vic

Dr Michael Solomon in NSW

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