hey that's a nice truck!.. OH CRAP!!!!!!!!

funny story... a little scary, but funny...

driving up to shool yesterday and pass a car dealership everyday. saw a new addition yesterday. dodge dakota. looks in good shape from road. has writing in winshield:

"v6", "automatic", "4X4", "$3495" :D

wow, i thought. good price. looked mint from road. maybe an early 90's model. (=step up from my 1987 4-cyl. 5-spd ford RUSTang) black. i'll check it out on way home i figure.


oh yea, that truck. approach dealership, and slow down to exit off 55mph highway into lot.

well, there was some of that sandy, slippery gravel tween the highway and their lot, and i hit that and the wheels instantly locked and started sliding on this gravel like it was on ball bearings. :)

(OH SH!T !!!!!!!!!!) :D

heading straight for a 00 acura something-or-other ($12k used car).... :D

sliding, sliding, sliding (by this point that car is getting really close, and my wheels are still turned to full right and plowing straight forward over gravel) :D

right before ther second of impact....... :D




i stopped. :D:p

my front bumper was like an inch (= [<------>] ) :D

from t-boning this new car squarley in left rear fender.

talk about a sigh of relief.....

let's just say i bout had to change my undies when i got home. :D

moral of story?

don't bother stopping to look at a truck with that description on winshield, even for that price, even if it has an 8-foot bed (which it did) because it is aa 1987 with 137k miles on it. :D;):D

racer36 :D

LOL, keep the Mustang!!!! Getting rid of a good running Ford for a good looking Dodge is the worst mistake you can ever make!!!! :D:)

Good story!! Been there myself, a few times I had some clearance , and a few times not to much clearance! You didn't really have "undies" on ..... did you? Wasn't it Choners or drawers or boxers or somthing like that? :):D

Great story. I'm with WR_Jason push the Ford if you gotta, but keep the 'stang. Whenever I talk with older car guys I love to ask one question..."If you could have kept one car which car would you have kept?" They always talk about the one that got away.

LOL... undies, drawers, whatever... they are worn under pants, hence undies... LOL :)

mustang is descent car, but need truck have 2 bikes, and now a quad. it's a little hard to fit aone in trunk to go riding... lol j/k

thinking either a mid 90's ranger or s-10 or a trailer hitch on rustang( it's 4-cyl will pull a flat trailer, our 4-cyl 1.8 liter geo tracker could, so i hope my 2.3 liter ford can) in spring. we'll see what pops up.

i know i'll miss it when it's gone. first car (centimental)

its a mustang (namesake), but it's just not as functional as a vehichle could be for me right now.

racer36 :D

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