06 450 valve question

Im new to this site, but I just recently bought my 06yzf450 off my uncle who is anal about his bikes, the alves were always checked, and oil changed every 3-4 rides, and airfilter cleaned after every ride, well I got about 80 hrs on the bike now and Im putting a new topend in it, and my uncle always shortshifted the bike and never hit the rev limiter, so I was wondering if the valves should be replaced, im short on money as I go to school and work part time at a cyclegear but I only wanna put the oem parts in it, and my uncle said everytime he checked the valves they were always right,they never had to be adjusted, so whats your guys' thoughts, can I get away with just a top end,gaskets and timeing chain?

You can probably get away with no more than a timing chain, really. I doubt it's in need of rings yet.

The way you tell if it's time to do a valve job is to watch the clearances. YZF valves will go for a very long time without wearing at all, and the only wear that wil occur is a very small amount at the valve seat. A YZF with healthy valves will need only very rare adjustments in very small amounts. If you find a valve that needs reshimming, check it again after no more than two rides following the adjustment. If the clearances remain as you set them, the valve is still OK. If the hard coating has worn through, the valve will already need another adjustment, and that means it's time for a new set.

Yup - my intake valves were maybe .0005 to .001 tight after a year + of a combination of trails / MX / SX (40+ C class rider).

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