Ok, Chain Alignment Question

Folks, I figured I'd get a better response here, but I have this weird issue with my chain.

When I adjust the chain tension to my liking and lock everything down, when spinning the rear wheel, the chain tension seems to fluctuate from tight to not so tight. I don't understand how it could alter in tension? I even have new sprockets and chain installed and everything is locked down. It's almost as if something is bent, but with new spockets and the bike never have been in a wreck, this isn't making sense. :thumbsup: The bike seems to ride fine at the track as well?

Please discuss.

There could be several things at work here. The possibilities are sections of the chain worn more than others, sprocket out of round, etc.

Mark the sprockets and see if the tight spots coincide with the position of the front or rear sprocket. If it doesn't, it's the chain. Locate the tight and loose sections and measure them at close to 6 inch sections from the insides of the rollers with calipers. You'll be able to see the difference.

I have a 97 CR250, my chain does that same thing, it turned out to be the master link binding a little bit on the chain guide.

it might help to take a look at your guide while the master link runs through it.

good luck

This is common, especially after the chain gets some hours on it. It's very important that you adjust the chain tension with the chain at its tightest position. So spin the wheel until the chain is tightest before adjusting the tension. Otherwise it might get too tight and that can break the rear hub.

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