GPR V4 Damper Issues

Looks pretty, less than impressed. After about a month of debating what damper to run I finally decided on this unit due to the fact that it is tucked away under the bars nice, I can still run a good bar pad, and only raises the bars about 1/2. Rode at Moonrocks for about 35 miles on the test run and I notice the damn thing pissing all over my frame and gas tank, I am pretty excited at this point.

After doing some searching I come to find out that a little initial weep is normal. I am obviously a little beyond this stage. So I put the bike up on a stand and set the damper to around 6 to see if it is working correctly. Sure enough it is rough and has dead spots all around where the unit feels like there is air in it and low on fluid.

I realize that GPR customer service might be top notch but what about there product? I refuse to run crap on my bike and feel as though this might be what I got here. I am pretty bummed on the whole situation and will now be w/o a damper for a few desert rides/ races. Please post of any issues with GPR quality.

I cannot say that I wasn't warned about these units in general, but want to know of other leaking issues that were encountered with these units. I have talked to few people that have sent them in numerous times or even replaced the o-rings themselves yet could never stop them from leaking. Spending $450 on ANY part and ending with these results is a major bummer and will never happen again. If it isn't fixed right the first time and for good you will hear about it.........

Just curious, why did you decide on the GPR instead of the Scotts?

Lower bar rise......

might be a bad unit, it happens on occasion, if they take care of you, and you have no further issues, then its probably just a freak case.

and if it leaks again in a year and a half, thats why GPR has a free rebuild service, with decent turn around times. Check there website, if you have a reciept/bought from them, they will do it for you.

had mine done, is an old V1 with 6 positions, not the newer style, and turn around was less than 9 business days from when I shipped it till I got it back. and it was my unit, I etched a symbol in it to see if the refurbish yours, or just send you a off the shelf refurbished one.


I have a v2 that has never given me any trouble so maybe u just got a narfed one

my v2 i've had for 2 years and i havent even had to touch it, and it was used when i got it so its seen some use

Went riding yesterday at Moonrocks with a friend that has a KTM 300 with a nice new GPR V2 damper, 2nd ride with it. What do you know, blew his up taday too, actually leaking more than mine. Pretty ridicoulous if you ask me. They will be getting a call tomorrow. We are both racing next weekend and are BOTH now w/o dampers.

I've had both GPR's and Scott's stabilizers leak. Call Randy at GPR. He will make sure you are taken care of. :thumbsup:

I have a little over 1000 miles on the new V4 and it has performed flawlessly.

This is mine on a GG 300.


One thing they'll ask you is if you made sure to adjust the pin height to be perfectly flat with the ... tongue off the stabilizer unit. When I put them on customer's bikes, I usually leave a 1-2mm space underneath the tongue, just to make sure nothing funky will happen.

No probs w/ mine...

what I have found is that most people do not ride their bikes enough to have issues. A lot of people here claim to ride but they mainly just wash their bikes and drive around town with them in the back of their trucks in a poor attempt to look cool. These are the same people that do not have problems with their gpr's.

Should have went with a scotts. Btw, I bet you are the type of guy that would run a maxxis tire in a race


I seriously had a good laugh at this statement. It started off subtle, ok, you have me hooked, then WHOOOSH severe left turn, accompanied by a swift product placement and an even quick product bashing / upturned nose.

What's so wrong with running a Maxxis tire in a race?

Wait, where did you go? HAHA at you.

Wait, where did you go? HAHA at you.

I disappeared the post. Seemed like trolling to me. :thumbsup:

thats funny, I run the maxxis desert IT in races sometimes, but then again when you are racing 100+ miles in a race, many other tires wear out. can't stand the front's, but thats just me, and does riding for 3 hours a day 2 or 3 days a week count as riding? and never having issues with my GPR???

just checking

Don't mind CrackerBox. He just found the Employment Development Department is available online and has no need to sit in lines all day to get a handout. This frees up some spare time to stir some #&*@ on this page.

As for GPR I can't say that they could have responded any better/ quicker. Just recieved a new damper in the mail today overnight UPS and prepaid shipping back to GPR. I was told that there is a really small percentage of seals that are bad, this might be the case. I will give this one a try and hope for the best. I am pleased when companies step up to the plate and back there product like this.

Yeah, GPR is known to standy behind by their product. If you find them at a race, you can usually hit them up for a service for a small fee, if not entirely free.

Had a friend with a problem with his GPR V1 damper again at the WORCS race at Honey Lake. Seemed to lock up on the first lap of the race. Took the bike to the GPR trailer and the tech pulled the bike up, took the damper off, adjusted the post properly, polished off a few mm's of the stem nut that seemed to interfere with the damper mounting (KTM 300), disasembled the unit and was pissed at the previous person that rebuilt it because there was debri in the passages and potentially a damaged o-ring. Needless to say mounted up a brand new damper out of the massive tool drawer of new dampers and also told my friend to contact them on Monday and they would send out new upper bar mounts for for his troubles, His old upper bar mounts were both chipped from a crash. Bottom line is the took care of business and had no problem finding out what the problem was, fixed it right there, and went out of there way to offer new bar mounts. I can honestly say that this is why I do business with GPR and will reccommend thembecause they will stand behind there products.

i use to run a gpr and had some of the same issues

I constantly was bleeding the air out of it even with "the new o-ring kit"

switched to the problems and it even has high speed dampning

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