metal pieces in oil

when i bought my 81xr200r the oil was really dirty and had metal flakes in it. i did 3 oil changes until it was clean, after riding for a few hours the oils dirty again and there are some small metal flakes. whats causing this? maybe from riding hard on the tranny?

If the flakes are brown or copper colored, it's from the clutch plates. A few are normal. If silver and non magnetic, it's aluminum. Could be from a number of items. A few every now and then seem to be normal, keep an eye on it. Could be loose cam chain, clutch basket wear, etc. If silver and magnetic, it's steel, and you're in big trouble.

That's the dumbed down reply. There are those that will disagree with me and add and take away, but heck, I've only been riding for 40 years, I know nothing.

thanks alot for the info ill check it out today:ride:

yah theyre aluminum. i wonder whats causing it theres lots of metal... maybe i should sell it soon

Aluminum flakes could be coming from many different places. Is there any noise coming from the cam chain tunnel? If the cam chain is loose and slapping against the tunnel, it will make lots of flakes. The clutch basket could be wearing. How is the clutch? Any noise coming from the head / rocker arm area? The cam shaft journals could be bad. I've even seen main bearings get loose in the case and eat up the aluminum bearing seats. Funny thing about these old Honda engines. They are so damn reliable they will eat themselves alive and keep running. By the time you figure out what started the problem, the whole engine is toast. If you are capable, start tearing into the engine before it gets any more costly. Good luck.

I'm putting my money on a loose cam chain, eating at the tunnel a bit... From what I've seen, it's the most likely.

is it an easy fix? i havnt worked on engines much

is it an easy fix? i havnt worked on engines much

Yup, simple but get a manual to get the cam & ignition timing right. Can be done without removing the engine in about 2 hours, taking your time.:thumbsup::ride:

BTW, you can get one (DID brand) on ebay for about $20. I couldn't find my spare in the garage this weekend and the dealer quoted $55 and had to order it anyway. Good thing I found mine!

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