08 450 exc-r clutch problem?

I just picked up an 08 450 exc-r. I have the JD kit and exhaust end baffle removed. Regeared to 13-48. I also own a TTR-250 and R6 so I am not TOO new to motorcycles, ~2 years. The problem I am having is shifting to first from neutral. I warm up the bike in N, pull the clutch, shift to first and it shuts off like the clutch is still engaged. Also, when just rolling the bike around, when I pull the clutch it wont roll. Usually with my other two bikes I can get it to roll after a few bumps. I am not used to this brembo hydro clutch system, am I going to need to bleed it or something?

Any suggestions?

I did search but found no answers. Thanks for the help.

I had the same problem...not sure if this is a correct fix but it worked for me.

My clutch lever was adjusted to be as close to the bar as possible. I wound the level adjustment knob by hand so the level is at its farthest setting and my problem was solved.

I think that is a "normal" new clutch. Mine did that as well when new but it has since stopped doing it. Carry a bit more rpm and cover or hold the brake to help break the clutch free quickly instead of it holding (dragging). I've never had a bike that was "easy" to push in gear/clutch pulled, and being fat and old I avoid that unless I'm stuck on a steep hill and can't get to the rear brake. Also finding neutral is easier with higher rpms rather than idle.

I did find some threads on the topic but never a solution. I will try adjusting the handle out as far as possible and see what happens.

Thanks for the help.

Well, I adjusted the lever, kicked it in gear and it jumped but didn't kill the motor. It is still always engaged slightly but I'm not going to worry about it since it works enough to get in gear. Sounds like it will break in.

sounds almost normal- might have a little air in Hydro clutch, try back bleeding. Also make sure the bolts that hold on the hydro clutch cylinder arent loose and the allowing the body to flex.

Just had the same problem. I finally took my slave apart- The piston was stuck and had some scoring. I sanded the inside body - back bleed and adjusted with the little red knob. Still does it slightly but its working fairly well.

Thanks guys. Obviously I aint the only one asking/wondering the same thing. I dont have a huge problem with this... and it doesnt fail me once I get going. I am probably more worried about causing damage to the bike. But from what I have read, I will take it as "normal".

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