Broken hand question.

I broke my hand memorial day weekend. It what they call a boxers fracture. I broke the knuckle off the medicarple on my right hand. I am right handed. I went to my doctor and he said that I had a choice or having surgery to fix it or not. With out the surgery he said I wouldnt have a pinkey knuckle showing when I made a fist. He didnt say there was any other downside. I opted to go with out surgery mainly cause I couldnt have the down time cause i make my living with my hands and bills have to be paid. I was a bad patienent and didnt keep the hand as imobilized as much as I should have. They gave me a fiberglass formed splint that I was to wrap with an ace bandage...I requested this so that I could could clean my hand and splint. I am an auto mechanic and you could imagine what an auto mechanics cast would look like after 4 to 6 weeks with out being cleaned. I wound up taking the splint off after a few weeks and have had no problems using the hand. The only thing I noticed is my pinky will not straiten with the rest of my fingers. I can straiten the joint in the finger but it points downward from the rest of the fingers. I have strenth in it when it comes to closing my hand in a fist. when I clap my hands it kinda flops around. Is this a normal thing for this type of injury? Does it get better?....Should I not worry about it and just be glad I can hang on to the handle bars ok?

Boxers fractures nearly always end up with a happy result, with or without surgery.

Thanks for your replay Dr. Mark. I assume that you mean a happy result is a usable hand. Thanks again.

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