Your Best Motocross Music

I no it isnt a pic or a video but i just wanted to see what music everyone listens to, to get them pumped for riding or even for me to put in a video, wether its some rap or some epic music whatever be the case, throw them this way!

1. rock

2. rock

3. more rock

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi Hendrix, ACDC, Guns N Roses, Crossfade, Chevelle, Goo Goo Dolls(Depends lol,) Trapt, Thousand Foot Krutch, Tool, Breaking Benjamin, Audioslave, some Mudvayne...

You can try this thoughHERE It's all free and very long. Some of it has some flat out sick drum and bass, but most of it is weird.

im really liking that list breeze! maybe some puddle of mudd, velvet revolver, stone temple pilots, soundgarden and alice in chains.. if you cant tell i LOVE grunge :thumbsup:

Atrocity- cold black days

Snapcase- run and fall-good one

Job for a Cowboy- when i want to be angry

other stuff like that

We need to start a poll of music genres for motocross and see which one people chose most. It will definitely be rock. I will be the only one who votes for trance lol :thumbsup:

+1 for trance and techno


1 machine head

2 killswitch


4 finch

5 been listening to Lost Boys, Nas, Meth, stuff like thank on single track, realy keeps my momentum up and smooth

One Minute Silence

Blood For Blood


If these bands dont get you pumped and ready to rip then you are probably not breathing and turning blue!

siegfried and roy, elton john, they all get me pumped

1.headstrong by trapt

2.last resort by papa roach

3.pirates by bullets and octane

Edguy- King of Fools

Wintersun-Beyond the Dark Sun

Symphony x

Angra-Carry On

Mainly those songs but most of the Prog. metal/Power metal genre.

some lil wayne and rock


VNV Nation




Darkness Survives

...generally, Industrial and Metal

keep er going. anything off of motocross movies i like the rock stuff liek atrocity- cold black days thousand foot krutch stuff like that

the Beatles all the time every time

hmmm....whats my "get in the game" music? Gimme some Metallica (old school sh*t: master of puppets, Ride the Lightning, and the black album) with break stuff by limp bizkit with a nice dash of Iron Maiden and a pinch of Megadeth and I will bust anybodys face in. (no I wont hit someone but I will get super competitive)

mutiny-set your goals


151-eve to adam

rollin'-limp bizkit

and some 3 days grace

Misfits - any older song by them and some new ones

The Exploited - why are you doing this to me

The Descendents - hope

The Adicts - Viva la Revolution, Love sucks, joker in the pack,madhatter

Slayer - raining blood

Motorhead - ace of spades, eat the rich

Minor Threat - any

megadeth,iron maiden,black flag black sabbath. :thumbsup:

And I cant believe I forgot GG ALLIN. lol

miley cyrus, zach effron, ashlee simpson... its all good.

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