A bit of humour

Does every body remember the Crazy Frog video ? Of course you do. Well I have come to the conclusion that it is odds on he is riding a Husky WR400,430 or 500. Why I hear you ask?

Well it is a 2 stroke and a left hand kick start - exit almost all non Euro bikes !!

I reason that it is a big bore because, honestly, would you try to outrun a pursuit cop on a motorway on even a 250sx ??? Also a WR for the same reason - longer legs.

I apologise to KTM and Maico but (from memory) Husky made more open class 2 strokes so they have the odds on.

Ok I will now stand still and wait to be corrected. Or flamed.


Outrunning the cops..??

My Money is on the Fantic 301.....

Well I assumed that the big ugly dude was a cop. Mind you with a $50,000 reward many bounty hunters would also be after him.

Well it was just a humourous observation that I made about this video.

I'm not familiar with the vid. Do you have a you tube link, so I can get with the program!:thumbsup:


Hi Horman

The preliminary scene of the frog starting his bike is here - http://www.turboforce3d.com/annoying/

The main video is here -

You need to watch the first item to set the scene and also see what we are talking about. The music is the theme to Beverly Hills Cop. If nothing else it is just a bit of fun to watch - even the frog is anatomically correct.


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