08 wr fuel screw

which way is which ?

is screwing it in (clockwise) richer or leaner ?

also when it is out 2.5 turns as per fmf jetting kit instructions it feels a little loose, almost like it will rattle out. The o ring and spring are correctly installed

Screwing it in is leaner.

fFor a loose screw situation, I put a second oring on the screw shaft (many extended screws have grooves machined into them), This adds additional friction and keeps the screw in place. Sometimes, the bowl needs to be drilled to 1/4" to allow this. If you do it, remove the bowl from the carb to drill it. Use a nice sharp bit.

maybe i'm wrong, but i thought that if you were more than 2 turns out on the fuel screw, then you should go to a larger pilot jet. I guess, that's a question best left to the jetting section.

Over three turns often requires a larger pilot.

You try the larger pilot, If the bike will stall with the larger pilot and the fuel screw fully closed, then that is the correct size.

thanks for the advice,

so which way is richer ? in or out ?

Opposite of leaner, unscrew/screw it out

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