new 2008 rmz 250

hey guys, i was just wandering what oil to use after my first break in ride. do i use a full synthetic oil or can i use a semi synthetic.what weight oil should i use. also,is anyone putting a little 2 stoke oil in their fuel to help lubricate the valves? i heard something about it and the ratio would be 100 to 1.this is my first 4 stroke so im a little dumb on this.been a 2 stroke guy for years. i got 15 mins.on the motor. riding it full bore this sunday.any info would help.thanks tt guys. :thumbsup:

Congrats on the bike. I wll give you my opinion on oil. I am sure many, many others will follow. I by all means am not an engineer. However, here is my two cents.

Here is what I recommend to use, in order...

1st - Full synthetic preferred (pick your favorite brand i.e. Amsoil/Mobil 1 and etc.)

2nd - Somthing that has a rating of JASO MA or API SG/SH (a good dino motorcycle oil, again pick you favorite brand)

3rd - If no MA or SG/SH, be certain the oil is NOT Energy Conserving. This is probably the most important point. This however, would be my very last choice.

Hope this gives you some insight. Enjoy the bike.

I wouldn't use two stroke oil in any case. JMO though.

I use Suzuki oil in my 07 RMZ and 06 DRZSM, filters from Rocky Mountain at every change, changed often. On my RMZ about every 3 hrs and on my DRZ at about 1000 miles. The dino oil gets a lot darker faster than my buddies KXF on synthetic, I just change more often. bill

IMO the rmz 250 has such a small amount of oil I would not use synthetic. I would save the money and use standard suzuki oil and change it more often.

I run Motul dino oil in mine, its formulated for the bikes that use the oil as tranny fluid too, I dont know if the 08 has shared oil though. Congrats on the bike.

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