Going to rebuild to top end (05). What do you think?

I just picked up a used 05 and knowing that it was used I was expecting issues. It's really hard to start. I've read and done all the suggestions. I can get it to run and it's not bad once it gets running but since I'm not afraid of a wrench if figured I would do some work. Previous owner said he maintained the valves and timing chain, but who knows if he did it right. No engine timer, no idea how much on engine.

I've rebuild my 2 stroke a ton of times, but this is my first 4 stroke and I don't want to mess with a valve problem so I've decided to send it off to millennium since I don't know what I'm working with. They said they have a basic maintenance package for $128 and they will clean and inspect the head and valves. If there is anything else that needs to be done they can do it their. I'm also going to send the cylinder off incase it needs replating.

My goal is to stay in my comfort zone of a 2 stroke rebuild with only adding installing the cam and timing chain as new steps in this progress. This way when the valves, cylinder, and head arrive all I need to do is install the piston and bolt it together.

So what do you think of my plan. Is their anything I'm missing?

I have a weisco piston kit for a 05 if your interested.

The way I understand you will still have to check and possibly have to reshim the valves

i suggest you to reshim valves and change cr8eib10 spark plug.

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