2004 Crf250r or 2005 Crf250r?

hey im debating between two bikes right now. ones a 2004 crf250r with kibblewhite valves and springs, T-4 exhaust, boyesen quickshot, KPS suspension and ASV levers. the 2005 is stock. hes selling it for 2500 with a lot of mods but i cant afford 2500 right now. so his mechanic can take off the mods and sell it for 1900. the 04' is 2250. the big thing about the 04' is the valves, because i dont wanna be adjusting my valves every 8 hours(is that true with the hondas). so what do you think i should get.

I would say go for the '04, there isn't that much of a difference between the '04's and 05's, other than the carb, especially with all those mods on the 04.

2250 isn't a bad price, but how many hours are on those new valves? and how was he on maint. also, make sure he had the seats cut with those kW valves, otherwise its worthless!

the 04 would be nice especially with the kibble whites, installed them in my 04 last year and havnt had problems yet with the valves

what kind of mods does the '05 have? You say it is stock, then said it has a lot of mods? If it is tuned for those mods (ie: pipe, etc) and you take them off, you need to make sure he sets it back up correctly after taking them off otherwise you won't be happy with the way it will run.

im leaning towards the 04'. he just did the valves not long ago and rebuilt the top end 15 hours ago. i said the 05' is 2500 with the mods but 1900 stock. i asked him if hos mechanic will rejet afterhe takes them off and he said yea. but my friends gonna but the 05' with everything on it. its got a 07' head, racetech gold valves, yoshi titanium system, hot cams stage 2 cam. and i think thats about it.

They both sound like really good deals, you guys will be happy!

buy the '04 before its gone!

yea, it should still be availible. i talked to him on thursday and it was. and my bike should be sold tomarrow.

it depends on how good the valves are on the 04. recently found out while walking my 04 crf250r out from a very long enduro course yesterday because it wouldnt kick over that the stock valves on the 04 are titanium but the seats aren't titanium so every 30 hours you have to re shim it. make sure everything is titanium/ same metal.

well its got all new kibblewhite valves, supposedly.

well its got all new kibblewhite valves, supposedly.

ask to see receipts of the parts on the bike....that might help. I think it's only fair.

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