Merge ICS Springs

I just bought a set of the new Merge ICS progressive springs for a crf250, and am looking forward to testing them out on the track. My question is this- the floating piston is now fixed into place with no play in it (stock, it can move quite a bit), because the diameter of the spring fits snug into it, and the springs are also this okay? Or is there an obvious reason the piston is meant to be "floating" that I'm overlooking??

Thanks for any help.


i would give them a ring and ask the question, i am used to seeing a little free play.

Its all good- they are meant to be that way, mog...just got a pm from the Merge crew, so I can't wait to try these out.


I'm pretty sure the term " floating piston " refers to the fact the ( floating ) piston has X amount of float against the ICS, and not its free play between the ICS and the compression stud.

What exactly did Merge tell you, if you don't mind me asking?

By ”floating” (not fixed to the shaft) it means that the piston gets pushed up when the damper rod goes in to the cartridge. The RRS should affect this. The RRS is slightly longer then the OE spring so the floating piston will be pushed against the static compression piston.


How did the forks work with the RRS?

Did you get the MX or WOODS?

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