CA Firefighter Olympics Motocross

Brother and sister firefighters - The California FF olympics are being hosted by Palo Alto FD this year and the moto events are being held at Hollister MC Park July 14 and 15. here is the latest email from Bill Dale, the event coordinater. Come on out, it's good clean dirt fun!

Riders, The on-line registration is now open, you can register at Remember it is very important to get as many people to come and ride. With a falling attendance we stand the chance to loose this event completely. We also have great support from vendors lined up to make this an awesome time, as well as the Hollister bike rally and race on Saturday and Sunday hosted by So get registered, grab some friends, and come spend the weekend up in Nor-Cal for some good racing. I will keep you posted on the events for the days of racing as I get the final information. Hope to see you all soon. Bill Palo Alto Fire(408) 310-9373

BTW I competed 2 years ago when San Jose hosted the event....Even hacks like myself had a great time

are ambulance drivers welcome?

If you're a firefighter YES

hmmm....I'm a forester and work fires in the summer for CAL FIRE...think I can participate? what's the event like? I'm assuming we'd be racing the trails at Hollister?

Is the event held on the Upper Ranch. Will there be any cross country racing?

Pat - SCFD

Huskygirl, I would suggest going to the CFAA site, and get Bill Dales email address and find out from him.

Push Rod, the Grand Prix is a cross country type of race. That's what I enter. It takes a loop around a cross country course for one hour. The person with the most laps wins. Don't know which part of the park it will be held in.

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