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Heat sheild on White Bros. Header Pipe...

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After we added the White Bros. Carbon Fiber silencer and stainless header we found that pants were very much in danger of being melted if they came in contact with the pipe. This is especially true if the bike is laid over on the riders leg. My solution: I noticed that the E-line carbon fiber heat shields had a neat set of mounts that use stainless radiator clamps and a stainless stand off bracket. I didn't want to spend the $90 for the carbon fiber shield, so I called E-line and just ordered the brackets. They were $12 for a pair. When I got them, I smply removed the factory heat shield from the OEM exhaust header and mounted it to the White Bros. pipe. The OEM fasteners and the ones supplied by E-line are the same size, so I used the OEM's. Worked great and now I have a heat shield on my son's bike for just $12.00. If interested, send me a note with your e-mail and I'll forward you a picture of the results.


Kearney, MO

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