Womens Quadrant Boots

First of all: Hello from Spain!!! and sorry about my english

It's a pleasure for me to have found this forum.

Let's talk:

I have a street bike (Honda CBF 600NA) and I've decided to start a new adventure in the oof road riding.

As you can imagine I have to buy a lot of things (protections, boots, goggles, new helmet, pants...)

Here in Spain, at least where I live, is quite difficult to find Women's riding gear.

I've decided to buy online, because I don't like youth gear (don't fit very well).

I am a little person (5´2").

My first buy will be the boots, a pant and the goggles. My decision has been:

Fox:The Main Goggle

Fox Girls Dakota RIde Pant Black

Thor: Womens Quadrant Boots

I have doubts about the correct sizes. I've choosen the 7/8 size for the pants (I wear the 29-30 Levi's size)

I have a pair of Oxtar boots (size 5.5) for street riding, I guess the 6 size will be ok.

What do you think about sizes and the products?

Finally: which chest protector is the best for a woman?

Thank you very much

A lot of us wear the Acerbis Fusion chest protector for women. It depends on your shape whether it will work for you or not--buy it from somewhere you can return it, and be sure to try it on WITH the backpack or camelbak you might be using as well as your helmet.

There are pressure suits for women too, although if you are not well endowed, you may be more comfortable in a small men's size. I prefer them to the women's and I am a small C or big B cup.

Only thing I'd suggest about the rest of your gear is the boots: Buy high-quality ones. Most of the women's specific boots except the Alpinstar Stella are fairly low-end and not very protective. Good boots are REALLY important when offroad riding!!

Another thing to consider is some type of a knee guard and possibly elbow guards as well. I think the knee guards are absolutely necessary, and the elbow guards are nice if you find a pair that are comfortable to wear. But I won't go riding without a knee guard.

BTW, your English is much better than many native speakers from here in the U.S. :thumbsup:

Welcome! I tried the Quadrant boots and didn't like them. Too stiff. :rant: Acerbis chest proctector :thumbsup:

Depends if you're buying for comfort or budget. I'm a comfort shopper, so if it doesn't feel comfortable then I don't buy. Sometimes it's worth it to spend a couple more dollars.

Good luck.:ride:

Well, after your advices I've cancelled my order. I'm going to buy a better boots, but I have to try them before buy.

About the chest protector, I was thinking about the Alpinestars Women's 2008 Stella Bionic 2. With this body armor I protect my back, my elbows and my chest, all with the same product. Do you know this body armor? What do you think about it?.

Thank you to all of you for your help.

Haven't tried it on myself, but the pressure suits are a great product in general. Most are well vented so you don't cook during hot weather.

Both Acerbis and Alpinestars make good products, so protection isn't an issue. It really boils down to preference. Some riders prefer the body armor and others are happy with the chest protector. Either way, it's comfortable for them.

My suggestion: Take a day trip to a major city where you know there are several stores. Try on EVERYTHING, even the kids' stuff (if they fit you). But don't buy anything. Take notes on the gear that you like, size, price, etc. Ask the sales rep questions about the product, but be aware of the sales pitches. Then go online and see if you can find the gear you like for a better price.

You can also search the internet for product reviews. Sometimes they help.

By the way, I'm 5'1 and 105lbs so most of my gear are kids'. No major difference except the price. You can save a lot of money with kids' size.

Hugs :thumbsup:

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