Can you buy Premix in Baja?

A group of six are heading to Baja in a week. One of the guys rides a big 2 stroke and the question is whether there are any reliable sources of premix oil in northern Baja. Would save pounds of weight for us.


I wouldn't count on Premix, or even fuel (waited several times one with an illogical story to the unavailability while they fuel others). Thank goodness I can only imagine the horror storys if you used their premix. I used to just carry oil.......I've never had a problem buying oil in mexico althought mixing ratios were a concern. I've always wondered what would happen using engine oil in a bind.

The only places I saw any two stroke oil after San Felipe was bay of gonzaga outboard 2stroke oil. After that the only place's for sure I saw any was Vizcaino and La Paz because we went into the auto parts store to replace htrdmx55 missing quarts of oil :thumbsup:

Baja Rudy here can surely help you out. He helped me once in Ensenada. One thing I have done in the past is measure out my oil for a given amount and carry that. If I know I'm stopping and only adding one gallon (or?) I carry a small bottle(s) of oil.

I saw premix at most of the auto parts stores we went into and I even saw it a grocery store in La Paz

carry your own oil and do the math when you fill up. oh and don't forget to bring along a spare piston,as baja style riding is VERY hard on 2 stroke motors.i love my 2 smoke at home in the bush, but i wouldn't dream of taking one to baja.

2-stroke in Baja? No worries. Run it!

And a lot of Pemex stations even have 2Tiempos oil.


In the olden days riding DT1"s DKW and early Husky's we carried 2-strole oil in plastic baby bottles. :lol::D

They had OZ. markings on the outside.:thumbsup:

We just guestimated the amount of gas and added oil.:ride:

corky :mad::rant::o

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