99 sm610 carb settings

hello, i recently bought a non running 610 (electric and kickstart), there was no spark so i replaced it and the cdi and now im sparking. When i turn it over its just backfires alot and pops out the airfilter sooooo.... does anybody know the the standard settings (float height, jet sizes etc..) so i can eliminate that

it has run as i got her fired up last weekend, just takes lots of effort to get her goin, have also set all the valve clearances and they are good

Any help appreciated, Cheers Simon

180-185mj , 58-65pj, fuel mixture screw is critical on starting these. Get it running and hot before adjusting it . With motor hot bring idle down to almost stall speed go in slowly clockwise until it wants to start to stall, then go out counterclockwise until it wants to stall then set it in the middle then set your idle speed. If it starts to rev up while doing this back out the idle speed screw back to a low idle . This is done of course with a clean carb, throttle cables adjusted, valves good ect.

Once you get it to this point screw the mixture screw in until it bottoms out lightly if less than 1 turn pilot is to big if more than 2 out pilot is to small. Later George

cheers george ill try that

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