The "2 stroke twist"

I got a 98 YZ400F and it ran great till I sucked water and sand in the piston "ouch" thats another story tho. I have head NOT to give it gas when starting the bike. Well my bike you almost have to rip the throttle when you kick it over just wondering what the big commotion is about that? What are the effects of doing it long term or short term? ohh and don't say it floods the bike because like I said when I give it gas is when my bike starts if I don't it wont.

Yeah, your priming the bike basically, I and many other people find it a must to give 2 or 3 twists of the throttle to prime the cylinder then don't twist it and kick, my bike starts first kick every time when cold when I do that.

Thats strange i hear alot of people on here saying they have to do this when starting there 400/426 mine is harder to start if I try it this way, if I remember right on another post gray said its the pilot circuit that causes this, not getting the correct fuel to air mixture on start up, im sure he can explain more.

If I prime my 450 with the throttle when I start it cold it will fire up instantly, and if I don't, it is a biatch to get it going.

you ride with the "manther" ????? my 400 actually likes to be started with the throttle open just a touch. hot or cold. this changed after a hot cams ad install. Before the cam, i never tried that, it was no gas, no prime and started fine.


Ok so there is no effect on the bike for doing this? It is kind of just how your bike is easiest to start for you or do I need to change the pilot jet and make it where I don't need to give it gas? ohh and yes I do ride with Manther he is my Brother-in-law.

this will tell you how to check pilot. every bike i have ever had started a little different. I would think it would be jetting, temp, altitude, rider error, or whatever. Once i found that way to start mine, i just stuck with it. The manual says nothing about it, Grayracer suggested it after my cam change and it works beautifully. while you have it down, you might check your jets sizes for grins and see what you have in it, and clean the carb up also.

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