Do new springs and revalve require "break in" ?

Hi guys,

I just got my forks and shock re sprung (lighter) and revalved for enduro (RMZ 450 06). When I put it all back on the bike the forks felt harsh just pushing down on them, when they should be feeling softer. My question is could this be that they require break in?

Note: I did attach the forks correctly (avoiding binding though incorrect procedure of tightning the axle clamps before the main axle nut).


I just had mine done a month ago from Pro Circuit and wasn't told about any break in time. I went stiffer though compared to you. It might make sense to ride a bit just to cycle the oil throughout, but who knows??? You also might want to adjust the settings to soften up. Good luck!

No break-in. Just ride it. Pressing down on your fork is not a test of your new suspension. You have to ride it.

there is a bit of break in for all aspects. springs,shims,and bushings...even the oil will initially break down ;when all are brand new it can take a few hours of riding for everything to settle down:thumbsup:

Thanks guys,

I guess I just expected the forks to be soft when I pushed down on them, like a DRZ or XR type of soft. Just a bit nervous that they arent going to be good and I spent a lot of $, and Im not going riding for 2 weeks!

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