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1984 Rm250 fork swap

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Does anyone know if a fork swap would be possible on such a old bike?? What im looking for is new forks like on the "newer" motocross forks.

If not is there a way to stiffen up the forks. Im gonna try heavier oil, but would there be anyone out that sells stiffer springs for a bike this old??

Which way would be more cost effective?

Thanks in advance.

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its amazing how many years you can swap forks on, as long as you use the whole front-end, that '84 could stand to use some decent forks

Good advise.

If you get the entire front end (triple clamps and wheel), you can even install a front end that has a disk brake!

But if your only looking into firming things up, a Race Tech shop can respring and revalve those forks. And because it's so old, are you sure that it's just not needing a rebuild?

Also, treat that front end with care. The '84 RM-250 front end is considered to be the best that you can install on a vintage racer. Sell it as a package (wheel, brake, forks and triple clamps) and you could get as much as $250. I personally sold a set of forks and triple clamps on eBay a year ago for $150. But the brake has to go in the sale as it's specific to those forks.

Where are you located? ~ PM me if you want to sell the entire bike...


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