Need help with Gearing on Chain and Sprocket

Hey Guys and Gals So I bought a 150R a few months back and use it for single track and and trail riding. My problem is that its just geared to high for this kind of riding. I find my self in 1st gear too often! my question is what size chain and sprocket combo should I get so its better for Trail use? Im usually riding trails at Stonyford, Carnegie, and Hollister. Any advice will help at all!



I'm running a 58 in the rear. Works for me on single track in the Sierras and Clear Creek hills.

I would recommend a HotCams Stage 1 cam and 15/57 gearing (assuming we are talking about the LARGE wheel version .. otherwise just go up on the rear sprocket a tooth or two). Tons of low end ... if that's what your after ?:ride:

Gearing does not do a whole lot on this bike .... your better off with a Cam - In terms of "bang for the buck" IMO :thumbsup:

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