03 fork seals

I bought fork seals and i want to change them myself. Anyone do there own?

Only one is leaking but they both need an oil change so, going to do them both. Thinking of use n ams oil shock therapy, any one use this before? How do i know what to use, they offer light or medium

Fork seals are pretty easy to do on USD forks.

Remove the forks, drain the oil, take the springs out, pull down the dust seal and remove the clip, put the bottom of the fork in a vice and pull the upper tube off. Remove the bushing and the seal will slide off.

Grease the seal to make it slide on, put some tape on the bushing cavity to keep from nicking the seal and slide it on. I cut a piece of PVC pipe in half lengthwise to use as a bushing/seal installer. Hold it around the lower tube and slide it to push the bushing and then the seal into place. Put everything back together.

There's a link to a video on how to do it in another thread.

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