is my engine just going to die again???

I think i have run out of time and know how. About a month ago the bike started running poorly again and seemed to get noisier. I thought that this was simply a shim issue so i bought a shim kit re-shimmed to .05 clearances but it made no difference. I don't know where to go next? I have the MCCT adjusted properly per Bronco's method. I can only think that the rod bearing is going now or that the Primary Gear is coming loose again and causing balancer issues. It sure seems like the same sound that was coming from it just before the engine went the first time, (what many have described as piston slap but this happens at higher RPM's). The worst is when i'm running around 4500 to 5500 then snap the throttle, it floggs out and i can hear what sounds like the cam chain slapping around??? Maybe it's just an issue of gearing down, but it seemed that at one point this was not an issue. I did go to a 15 -44 gearing, so does anyone else expereince this with these ratios? I still don't understand why i am hearing all the rattling in the motor though and am worried that this is fair warning towards something going horribly wrong.

I want to pull the clutch side cover and check the primary nut but i'm not even sure that i would know what to do if it was loose, it doesn't sound like just tightening it will fix an issues with the counter balancer? Maybe i should bring it into the stealership ----urgh i dread that.

any thoughts are greatly appreciated and i will not be offended if you SCREAM IT! :ride::thumbsup:

For starters don't run it. I would pull the covers on both sides and have a look for problems. The primary nut is an easy fix if you don't let it get to the point that the key breaks and allows the timing to go off its mark on the crankshaft. They instructions with pics are at the top of the page on the main DRZ forum. On the left side you need to check the stator and starter clutch bolts.


that bottom end you sent me form ebay was no prize,but engine noises and actual running usually do not corrolate.

yeah i hear ya on the sight unseen ebay parts. Crap i don't know it could be completely unrelated still, carb issues, chassis? The noises have always seemed worse while riding vs. revving it in neutral. Guess i'm at a place now where i don't have the time to keep searching. I'm making up excuses now to look at what else is available that might make my life more awesome-r!

can you believe a a 525EXC!!! I can't figure this thing out i would have to be insane to take on a bloodsucker like that.

maybe i'll just buy a new DRZ. :thumbsup:

Whoops, I didn't know Eddie built your engine. I guess that leaves those loctite mods out of the question cause I am sure he had done them. :thumbsup: Hey, you know what I would check. The chain. I have a weird noise at a certain rpm/speed and when I lube it with some good lube and make sure it is properly adjusted, that particualr noise goes away. It was driving me nuts.


-Davebert, it's cool i allready talked with Eddie on the primary nut but i had never actually heard of the problems with the stator bolts coming loose. So i'll do that fix -unless Eddie did you locktite those also?

Dusty, I'm building a DRZ motor today, and working on my sons CR tomorrow, Next weekend I'll have the parts needed to build the KX80 we are fixing up for a young man who's dad is not available,,, and the bike needs a motor, fork seals, shock serviced, and some other nit noid items that are time consuming.... so thats all week of after work nights...BUT..... If you can hold out two weeks, and are willing to ride, trailer, hual it up to me here. We can go over the bike in more detail then I was able to do at the parking lot. Pre order a few gaskets, side covers can come off, we can look at the whole deal,,,axle to axle.. Just have to be ready to not ride it home, as we may find an issue with no parts on hand.

WOW! Bronco you are one hell of a generous individual. I will take you up on this generous offer and refrain from riding the bike until then. I can easily get it up there in my pick up. I could start tearing it down now?

thanks again Bronco this has really boosted my spirits.

i loctited all the important fasteners.

that motor led a very hard life.bronco knows the difference between normal sounds and actual abnormal noises.

that motor led a very hard life.bronco knows the difference between normal sounds and actual abnormal noises.

Iv'e been babying it -maybe it's too late, but if it can be saved / resurrected Bronco is the man. I'll hold off. I have an 87' XT 600 that i'm trying to get a bonded title on and it needs the lights wired up. That'll keep me busy in the meantime. It had been sitting for a year now but i got it fired up today. That old motor pulls way harder than the DRZ, 2nd and 3rd gear wheelies without clutch. I would think that the DRZ would be comprable? It needs some love to get it where it should be.

thanks all. it's good to know you have good folks around when times are bad.


I had an XT600 some years ago (bought it new) and yes, it had some torque. Its heavy though and off road it was a pig. But I still wish I had it :thumbsup:


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