XR650R/CR500R Hybrid shock responce in PM

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My suspension is coming up on needing a rebuild, I've been reading your pages quite a bit again and thinking about doing it myself or seeing about some other option. Current suspension is a Barnums and its allright, but not exactly what I was hoping for.

Also, how much did it cost you to do the hybrid shock? What all was involved with that? Worth it to do it?

Thank you

~ Chad

I trade for stuff and I got my CR500R shock from Mr. Powell after setting up his suspension on his 680cc Baja Race bike. So the price of that shock could be anywhere off ebay. Maybe a much as $200? The I used one of my extra XR650R shocks for the shaft. I bought a 38mm X 34MM gold valve (needed) and used the Racing/ Jumping setup off the chart. I now run the shock with both the high speed and low speed compression adjustment all the way out because that is a little stiff for desert riding. It "feels perfect so next rebiuld I will go with something closer to the desert setup so I can be more in the adjustment range. I see no need for it inless you are racing or serious about high speed desert riding. The adjustment range of the CR500R compression is a lot smaller and each click makes a bigger change. A few clicks in and it stiffens up to major air time without bottoming.

I see no need for it inless you are racing or serious about high speed desert riding.

I'm not racing (no serious races I can do with the 650 up here in Wyoming), but really do enjoy going as fast as possible on some of the worst roads I can find around here.

Would a CRF450 shock work to do a hybrid setup with or is it too different from the CR500?

I think I'll be trying the second setup you have listed (the Desert racing, plusher, etc) when I tear into this thing later this month.

Thanks again for the info.

In the desert in Southern California/Baja the temps can get over 120 and some riders are stupid enough to race in temps above 100 degrees. With all the friction, stictation a shock can get real hot and the fluid can change it's viscosity quite a bit or so it is thought. Most fluids actualy get thicker when fluid is new till they start to break down. I was thinking this couldn't be that big of a deal but, I can start to notice the difference after 6 months of hard riding. So, the reason for the CR500R shock body is the small amount of extra fluid and the high speed compression setting. More fluid cooler running shock. I haven't adjusted the high speed ajustment setting once and it is all the way out (soft). The Honda #1 team has actualy bounced back and forth with the use of this hybrid setup to stock for different reasons. First it was longer do to the fact of the .6" longer stroke, I think this number is right. This was taken care of by using a seel head off of a KX500 shock. I still use the CR500R seel head with greater race sag. This longer stroke gives the bike quite a bit of more travle. 5/8" (or what ever the number is I have to check again) is mutiplied by the linkage and is almost 3 times that in travle. That makes for more travle then some MX bikes and a very tall bike. Hard to get the rake just right. I have been messing with the race sag on the shock for over a year and the fork hight and have it close now. I ran the bike with the forks longer, that is 10mm of the rebound top out spring cut off, 15mm of pre-load shim and the forks pushed down a total of 15mm from where they would ride if I had a stock shock. This would make the forks over an inch longer then with a stock shock. and have a full 12" of travle instead of the stock 11.2. This worked and worked well if you are over 6 foot four but, I am five foot ten:eek:. A lot of falling over once I stopped. Real cool to ride up next to a big group of riders in the deep sand at Pismo or Glamis sand dunes and plop there you are laying on the ground. Ride stop plop, ride stop plop. Mr. Lewis found his main job was to stop get off his bike and pick Bruce up off the ground:banghead:

There are other reasons I fall over but, that is a different story. Now I am running 4.3" of shock race sag and the fork caps are flush with the triple clamps, still not stock but a lot less plopping. I did like the extra travle and used all of it much of the time. I am a big fan of using as mush suspension tralve in your setup as possible. The suspension should take the shock of the hits not the rider! Well in the end there isn't enough difference for all the work and money to make the hibrid worth it for most. If you don't live or ride in the hot desert, are not going to race high speed desert (high speed is the movement of the suspension not always your speed) this hybrid shock is not needed. I have not used a CRF450R of CR250R shock body or made the messurements.

Thanks for the info Bruce, its given me some things to consider. Especially since I'm one of the big & tall guys (6'5" 280pounds) so I need every inch of suspension I can get.:rant::lol:


I went a little different route but very close.

I bought a used shock off of ebay $158.00 and took it to my local suspension guy here in town

we compaired the length of the stock XR650R to the Stock CR500.

from there, he made a custom lowering spacer for the shock. it's basically a spacer at the bottom of the shock body behind the snap ring. this gave the CR500 shock the same eye to eye measurement as the XR650R. the price was very reasonable. $250.. that included the service of my oem XXR shock (new seal, oil and charge)and revalved the stock CR500 shock to my weight and added my 10kg ebachi spring.

I've only had the bike out for one ride.. pretty smooth dirt roads.. but what I can tell.. is that the shock felt better throughout the stroke and valving.

no big "G" outs yet but the pot holes went almost un-noticed.

so far I'm pretty stoked with the upgrade.. Riding 500 to 600 miles next week so I'll be able to tell more on how well the switch works

You got the Eiback spring and the gold valve, and all the labor for $250......that is a most killer deal!

I wish.. had the spring from the xr I switched over.

the $250 was for the lowering spacer, revalve (oem valve), new oil and charge on the Cr shock and rebuild of my spare XR shock with a leaky seal, new oil and charge.

still, I think a good price. I can do it myself.. but this guy is good and trusted in the area.. and his pricing is fair compared.

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