01 kx 250 vs rm 250

All right, so I'm needing a newer bike, and I'm looking at an 01 rm 250 or an 01 kx 250, both about the same price. The suzuki is in very good condition but it has a bad reputation of needing work and instability at high speeds. Which is better? I don't do tracks, but I like open stuff and trail riding both. Thanks!

I can't speak for the RM, but I did have a 01 KX250, great bike, worked good trail riding. Did basic maintenance and the bike was very reliable. +1 on the KX. Oh, check to see if you can remove the radiator shrouds, the nuts molded into the gas tank would spin.


The 01-08 RM250s are really similiar bikes ergonomically. Go sit on a new one to see how it feels. I vote the RM as they're supposed to be great handling bikes.

AAH arent they basicly the same bike?

AAH arent they basicly the same bike?

No, the earlier KXF250 & RMZ250 were though.

I would go with whichever bike had the fewest hours. I had an 00kx250, great bike but the 01 rm is a generation ahead. Handling is better and suspension too I would wager. If it were me I would go for the rm.

How much do you have to spend?

suzuki would be a better bet dude

I have two 01 RM 250s and can tell you this parts are cheaper and ez to find had a kx 125 and man it was a pain!!

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